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HAELU Drinks founders, Stuart Coleman, non-alcoholic mood enhancing drinks founders.
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Meet Stuart, Rod and Jamie, the HAELU founders.  We love to party but are also health conscious. Socialising and looking after our wellbeing has been at odds with our drinking habits, so we became passionate about creating the perfect non-alcoholic drink for all occasions - one with an intriguing and seriously good taste whilst simultaneously enhancing your mood and having a positive health effect. 

Early 2020, we started to chat with experts about different taste profiles and also explored the science behind our emotions -  what helps us feel happy and relaxed? From this we discovered the fascinating world of GABA, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins – the hormones responsible for happiness and contentment. Captivated by the idea of naturally stimulating these "happy hormones"; and how to recreate the positive feelings associated with alcohol, we started our HAELU journey.


After almost a year of research, development and tasting, Salerno Spritz and Havana Heat were created. Both drinks contain a blend of 12 adaptogens, vitamins and minerals. HAELU Drinks are for the drinker who doesn't want to miss out on any fun, and wants to reward their body and mind.

At HAELU Drinks, we are driven by our desire to have fun, enjoy great nights and tastes, and feel fantastic the following day. We hope you enjoy our drinks as much as we do.



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