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feel good vibes without the guilt

we believe in drinking well and living well. HAELU lets you do just that with grown-up, non-alcoholic, mood enhancing drinks packed with adaptogens, botanicals, vitamins & minerals for a healthy way to help you feel relaxed and sociable. no guilt and no hang-over. 

HAELU [say hey-lu] comes in two delicious flavours - Havana Heat and Salerno Spritz.  pick it up from our awesome bars, restaurants & retail partners or online

HAELU members get rewards.

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active ingredients & grown-up tastes

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our unique blend of adaptogens, botanicals, vitamins & minerals help you feel relaxed and sociable. they come from 100% natural sources and each have specific benefits you will feel after 1-3 drinks.

our rich flavours originate from natural ingredients like habanero chillies, rhubarb and mediterranean oranges, to tingle your tastebuds. 

we are always non-alcoholic, never add sugar,
and are low calorie.  HAELU is a no compromise alternative with no guilt. perfect!

Low calorie non alcoholic drink recipe
Non alcoholic drink, no added sugar, vegan, low calorie
gluten free mood enhancing drink
Non-alcoholic vegan drink, low calorie, non-alcoholic cocktail recipe
Non-alcoholic drink, non-alcoholic cocktail, vegan, low calorie, sustainable

customers love the HAELU vibe

I'm smiling even when I'm drinking HAELU on my own

HAELU Customer

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HAELU hot spots

The Sail Loft.jpeg

the Sail Loft

enjoy your HAELU as the sun sets on the bustling Thames. great drinks, great food, great atmosphere! 
tell them the HAELU team sent you!



lightly sparkling, drink HAELU straight up, dressed up or mixed up.

lots of ice and a squeeze of orange peel works a treat with Havana Heat, a slice of lime and lots of ice is perfect with Salerno Spritz.

we asked our amazing mixologist to create HAELU style non-alcoholic cocktails....the results are worth the won't stop at one!


feel good vibes

we use adaptogens, vitamins and minerals,  to boost your mood and help you feel relaxed and sociable without alcohol... everyone is different, but 1 to 3 drinks should be enough to feel the benefit.

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