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non-alcoholic drink, mood enhancing drink, non-alcoholic gin & tonic, spritz.
non-alcoholic drink, mood enhancing drink, drink with adaptogen, non-alcoholic cocktail, non alcoholic rum cocktail

about HAELU

we created HAELU during lockdown, to bring a moment of happiness to adults seeking a non-alcoholic drink alternative. at HAELU, we believe in drinking well to live well, with no compromise on taste, no compromise on feel good vibes. Working closely with our alchemists and herbologist, we created our incredible blend of botanicals, flavours and extracts and formulated our unique feel good mix of adaptogens, vitamins and minerals. the result is HAELU, a truly grown up tasting, guilt free, feel good drink.

about us

Stuart Image.jpeg

Stuart has a passion for life, health and sport.   with a big interest in the science behind natural ways to stimulate the brain, and how it produces the hormones responsible for feeling happy and relaxed, he went on a mission to find a formula that combined taste and mood enhancing ingredients. his main aim was to create a non-alcoholic drink that would be seen as a reward, a way to relax and celebrate and to refresh and restore.

Stuart has previously established a sustainable events business, so sustainability and creating a business that is a force for good environmentally and societally is central to his decisions made within HAELU.

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